The best way to see what we are able to realize is to visit our headquarter in Italy. 

Azzurra is the only printing company who is using the Devore Degummin finishing. It has a patented procedure for it.

The result of Devorè Degumming, known also as D.D., can be perceived both visually and to the touch. 

That’s why it can be defined a multi-effect finishing. 

The D.D. printing can be applied only to raw silk.

The main effect is the result of a contrast of the brilliance of the design with the fabric background. 

The other effect of the D.D. printing is an interesting transparent mood. 

The third effect is perceived touching the fabric: the contrast between the design’s surface and the background’s base. The first is smooth, soft and the second rough and raw. 

The fabric finished with D.D. is suitable for the realization of accessories and Haute Couture clothing. 



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